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Our Services

We provide experts and outsourcing services in the following fields

Hot Topics

Current “hot topics” that we handle at our customers around OpenLink’s Endur


AVS to JVS migration

Upgrades to V16

APM design, build, and support

Report Builder implementations


Оur success is based on long term expertise in the Еnergy sector

ROITI was established by professionals combining know-how and consulting experience across power, gas, oil, and financial markets. The company concept is building on the trust and track record with existing customers, and build an onsite and near shore offsite consulting practice ensuring the best return on technology investment for its customers. ROITI partners with OpenLink at the beginning – the leading vendor of ETRM solutions at tier 1 customers in the energy trading market. The two companies parted ways at the end of 2013, but continue to be in contact and cooperate on occasions.

Know How

At ROITI, we are obsessed about two things: knowledge of business fundamentals and systems knowledge. We believe that in the end “it’s all about the business” and are committed to deep fundamentals and risk specifics know-how in all energy and commodity markets we serve.

Team experience

People selection is on the top of the agenda for the company management. Our average team experience is around 10 years, and the least experienced consultant is with 7 years in the energy industry. We have people with power and gas trading experience, risk management in the financial and energy industry, accounting, regulatory reporting, market management – and of course the relevant ETRM systems supporting these functions.


There are three main reasons why partnerships are key to a consultancy company: know-how sharing, resource availability, and cost optimization. We partner with OpenLink which allows to work alongside the top experts around Endur. We also partner with other consultancies on a project basis to make sure the resource demand can be met.


Our location makes two things very convenient: optimizing travel costs and ensuring onsite availability whenever push comes to shove. We often have a hybrid model with our customers with travelling either every week or every second week to the customer site.


Proven track record across all Energy sectors


By market


Expertise across the board – from trading and risk management, to ERP and retail utility management.


We have designed and implemented futures, options, forwards, complex gas contracts, capacity and storage.


Multiple financial oil implementations covering more than 70 products – OTC, exchange traded, and exchange cleared.

By function


In the front office area, ROITI’s team has experience in a large set of products and functionalities implementations.


One of our strengths is the combination of Front and Middle Office know how and requirements understanding.


We have done several front to back office implementations and have covered the following functionalities.