BAU Support and Operations


When coming up with the setup of the ETRM BAU Support service, our principles have been:

Ø  We like the work that no one wants or no one can do

Ø  We want to provide flexibility in terms of skillset to our customers

Ø  We want to make communication as simple as possible

Ø  We want to keep prices reasonable



The ETRM BAU Support services allows customers to have dedicated FTEs in our office in Sofia (with onsite presence up to 25% of the time) who work on:

Ø  Daily tasks

Ø  Issue resolution and user support

Ø  Extending existing setup to new products

Ø  Developing new reports, checks or other logic within the customer’s implementation

We have a pool of dedicated Support resources and consultants who create a shared know-how pool which allows us to offer speed and quality solutions.


To meet the principles set out above, we dedicated a team of BAs and Developers in the company to the BAU Support service and came up with the following setup:

Ø  We have dedicated BA and DEV resources to the support service, so that the customer has a choice on what type of work will be predominantly used

Ø  There is a clear point of contact for the customers – and the person is qualified to offer speedy resolutions if possible

Ø  We offer flexibility in case both BA and DEV work will be required

Ø  We take up tasks which are difficult to solve – not only the ones which are easy to describe and to write a playbook for

Why Would You Hire Us?

There are two reasons we see as to why a customer would need our services:

Ø  We have more know-how

Ø  The customer does not have enough people

To address the first one, we ask every one of our BAs to complete an Energy Risk Professional certification and we invest a lot in training the employees in the necessary technical skills – overall making sure they know both business and software very well. We are maniacal about having the right business know how and making sure we understand what is needed and what is wanted.

To address the second, we have built a team of professionals engaged in analysis, configuration, and development to make sure we offer additional manpower which is both fit for purpose and flexible.