Jan 11, 2016

Check out the hows at the First Energy Software Day SEE

The SEE region poses a unique “at the frontiers” atmosphere giving amble opportunities for profit and loss. At the frontiers for several reasons:

  • Geographical – the obvious one (at least if you have a map in front of you 🙂 )
  • Emerging organized markets: the exchange in Romania, the new one in Bulgaria, and the continuing opening of the markets in Turkey, Serbia, and Macedonia can be captured in one key word: transition.Transition means a lot of problems to solve and an exciting present and future for the involved people.
  • Little time to catch up with EU (for the last union entrants and the candidate states): energy regulations leave some space for country regulators to catch up. However, progress has been slow, and there will have to be a condensed process of catching up on liberalization, renewables entering the market, and regulatory reporting.

The insides of a company are to a large extent driven by the regulatory and market frameworks – and these are in constant flux for energy traders. This means that a company needs to be very organized in managing its data and know-how and still be able to very quickly adapt to new conditions and requirements.

A key part of success will be keeping track of data and actions: this will enable the ever more complex regulatory reporting and at the same time enable business analytics. If this is in place, the second part is to build on it to get great decision support.

A company’s traders are there to execute judgement. Basing it on the right analytics and the right input data is something which will enable them to do this successfully and cost efficiently. The how to is hidden somewhere in a technology mix. Join the First Energy Software Day SEE to get a glimpse into the drivers and the ways to identify the right mix and manage it effectively over time.

See you on the 28th January!

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