German Gas Market Area Merger in IT Terms

Oct 6, 2021

Press Release

ROITI’s contribution to handling the Trading Hub Europe (THE) transition for a major gas player in Germany

Sofia, Bulgaria, Wednesday 6th of October

We at ROITI Ltd. are happy to announce that together with customers and partners we have managed to handle the merger of Gaspool and NCG into Trading Hub Europe (THE) for one of our Germany-based customers with a large gas portfolio – EWE Trading. The IT landscape is Endur-centric and the merger had to be managed in two versions of Endur simultaneously, as it happened just before a Greenfield re-implementation of the ETRM system.

The project team managed to handle various complexities, including updating static data on different levels to ensure portfolio management and scheduling works, the adaptation of reporting, adding functionality across the board, which could handle both worlds – the  Gaspool/NCG one, and the THE one. Furthermore, we adjusted deals to new delivery and pricing structures and integrated new zonal products (introduced through ECC) into the existing deal flow.

“The project, which was handled by renaming NCG in several places, posed some challenges related to the specifics of Endur and many decisions around the handling of two histories and one future had to be made on different deals. Ultimately, in close cooperation with affected business parties we found a working solution to enable a minimally disruptive transition throughout the IT landscape, which was key in the current period of very high price volatility”, said Ventsislav Topuzov, CEO of ROITI.

“Gar nicht so mal schlecht”, said Dr. Sven Orlowski, CEO of EWE Trading in the final preparations for the go-live. “ROITI is a valued partner and helped us deal with THE within an outdated implementation of Endur and synchronise all changes to a new instance, redesigned from scratch. The business transition went with minimal disruptions, and they were handled efficiently.”

We want to thank our customers for their trust, as well as the teammates we worked with from different companies. Now, we are off to meet the next market structure changes and are setting our eyes on the LNG growth and its impact on the IT landscape. We look forward to seeing when the DLS will be stopped and how this will disrupt the existing solutions.


ROITI Ltd. was founded in 2013 and has had experience with eight satisfied clients so far. We are a full-service technology advisory focused on clients within the energy trading sector on their journey to digitalization. We design, develop, and maintain IT solutions throughout the entire wholesale and retail value chain, and we offer ETRM system integration and enhancement services, cloud migrations, and the development of data warehouse solutions. 

For more information please contact:

Hristina Tankovska

Marketing & Business Development at ROITI Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria


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