Will Numera change the future of data export?

Jul 15, 2022

What is Numera?

Numera is an innovative approach to Data Warehouse (DWH) for energy traders – ROITI’s clients. It provides capabilities to extract data from external sources, normalize it, and provide it to BI solutions such as Power BI. Innovative technologies are used to move in the medium term in the direction of data streaming – reporting of large volumes of data in as close to real-time as possible. Data as well as report changes can be visualized simultaneously in Power BI, and this is a key weapon in the world of energy trading.

Kristiyana Popova, a business analyst at ROITI, shares her knowledge of the development and functionalities of Numera. Nick Perrott is a long-time partner of ROITI located in New Zealand and is the architect of the system. Through ROITI’s collaboration with him, Numera provides both technological challenges and an opportunity for asynchronous work. What is different about the product is the use of Snowflake technology, as well as the fact that the data transfer is significantly faster than the existing one. This opens doors for event-driven updates of the reports with the appropriate infrastructure when the business needs it.

Although Numera is currently intended for use with Endur, the leading ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) solution on the market, the product can also be used with various external sources of information, such as bank statements, risk management solutions, and sources of market data. The data is centralized and normalized in one location, which makes for an easy extraction and a user-friendly model.

Project Background

“When I joined the project, the requirements were collected, but not cleared,” says Kristiayna. “Then we met with the departments and discussed what the existing problems were with the solution we had used before Numera, intending to avoid them when developing Numera.” Kristiyana’s role is to connect accounts from several departments with different orders, as well as coordinate ROITI’s internal processes and those of the client for whom the product will be applied first. According to her, the product is not only efficient and innovative but also easy to use, which presupposes more optimized processes.

What does the future hold?

Plans for Numera are primarily related to selling it to new customers after the first Go Live, which is expected by September. Various methods will be applied both to ROITI and to the client. Implementations of additional features are also possible and desired by the company’s new clients. ROITI aspires to close the loop of development, implementation, and support of data flow from sources, data feeds, and processing in Snowflake to Power BI, which helps speed in analyzing and solving problems. It is speed that is key, as the company’s customers are critical to Europe’s energy and require quick and timely responses to problems related to the opportunity to participate in the market fully.

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