Why choose ROITI?

Passion for technological challenges

Choose us because you have a passion for technological challenges, or you want to understand what’s all that fuzz about renewable energy and Nord Stream 2.

Impact on your work

Choose us because you want to make an impact on your work environment and not just be exposed to it.

Improve yourself

Choose us because you want to improve yourself and want an employer who is at least as much dedicated to your goals as you are.

See your ideas realized

Choose us because you want to see your ideas realized quickly and not discussed by manager, over manager, over manager, over manager…

Friendly work atmosphere

Choose us because you like a friendly work atmosphere with colleagues who work hard and party even harder.

Transparency and fairness

Choose us because you value transparency and fairness by peers and superiors alike.

Remuneration package and flexible work

Choose us because you want an above market standards remuneration package and flexible work…everything.

Explore Opportunities at ROITI

We are always looking for talents.

Check out what we do and some of our past and current projects. If you find that interesting and think that you can contribute with your skills, please send us a CV and a short message at

If you are a studying business administration, finance or IT and you are looking for an internship, leave us a message, too –

Optimized solutions for every case

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