The natural gas market is one of ROITI’s main strengths. Our team has designed and implemented front to back a range of futures, options, forwards, complex gas contracts, capacity and storage. Among the more challenging projects we have dealt with are:

  • Gas valuation across different but related markets – NBP, TTF, Zeebrugge, ZTP, NCG H and L, Gaspool H and L, CEGH, PEG, as well as a number of physical border and market internal locations
  • Complex floating forwards (with ToP, Make Up, and Carry Forward clauses)
  • Index-priced against weighted average Month-Ahead contracts, where a complex balance between having the correct settlement price, and the correct deltas is required
  • Storage implementation and reporting: capturing of physical and virtual storage, lump sum and per unit priced capacities, capacity priced as a summer/winter TTF spread, facilities with injection and withdrawal from and into different market areas. Reporting on working gas volume, pipeline and storage facility capacity, costs – total and per unit, fill level, overrun)
  • Capacity valuation: besides modelling capacity, we have worked on designing a valuation model accounting for the optionality of capacity and optimizing on flowing vs hedging directly with hedges in the origin and target markets.