We have expertise across the board – from trading and risk management, to physical asset management, enterprise resource planning and retail utility management.

We have worked for major players in the Wholesale power trading industry and have designed and implemented for them:

  • Conti Power – Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Central and Eastern Europe
  • UK Power – modelling the half-hourly settlement periods, the various EFA blocks, half-blocks, and block combinations
  • Nordic Power – on Nord Pool and in the separate regions

Challenges we have dealt with are the 15 minute settlement period in Germany, the EFA calendar in the UK (and the migration to a Gregorian calendar), and the NordPool and CfD trading in the Scandinavian market.

In terms of products, besides the traditionally traded futures and forwards, some of the more interesting things we have built are:

  • Power generation modelling
  • Daily power options (where we were also involved in improving the calculation of volatility values to arrive at more accurate MTM and Greeks)
  • VPP
  • Reporting of various spreads in multiple units (strategies with market observed conversion factors for coal, gas, and emissions, real-time reporting of MW, Therms/D or any other unit equivalent across different commodities)

For Conti power, we have also designed Base and Peak exposure reporting, along with Peak and Offpeak one.