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Consulting is about having a healthy disrespect for authority
If you don’t know why you are doing something, then you shouldn’t start on it yet.


It is extremely important to me that what I do is meaningful, that I can see how my work facilitates, automates or solves a problem. The energy sector is vast and you learn something new every day, you face a new problem that arouses your curiosity. You determine the pace at which you develop yourself. It happened that I was able to rise from an entry-level position to a senior position at ROITI in less than three years. The doors are wide open, colleagues are ready to share their experience and knowledge.


I thrive in such a dynamic environment and feel quite productive. I am always engaged. In my opinion, this work style is more energizing than being idle.


What motivates me is the continuous flow of compelling topics and challenges
I like ROITI because of the atmosphere, the analytical work and most importantly the people. It combines interesting engagement with a very positive environment.
What I value is the independence to do the job with no unnecessary micro-management and an honest and transparent communication.


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