ETRM System Consultancy

ROITI was started by business analysts and the company continues to stay focused on current energy trading challenges and their solutions.

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Business Consultancy and Project Management

Over time we have been able to expand our knowledge also beyond OpenLink Endur, which allows us to support business departments.

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Cloud Engineering

We use cloud offerings for the creation of cloud-native applications, but also for migration and operation of legacy applications in a cloud infrastructure.

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Data Engineering & Business Intelligence

We help our clients to get their mission-critical data where needed, when needed.

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ETRM Software Development

We develop custom OpenLink Endur integrated solutions based on OpenJVS related to operational services, user defined simulation results, end-of-day workflows and GRID-enabled reporting.

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Operations and Support

Utilizing our extensive ETRM knowledge and project implementation and management experience, we have been providing our clients with ETRM operations.
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