Cloud Engineering

We use cloud offerings for the creation of cloud-native applications, but also for the migration and operation of legacy applications in a cloud infrastructure. Our engineers design and develop highly available microservice architectures for business-critical processes around trading, risk management and logistics.

As a Microsoft partner, we are experienced in not only leveraging Azure products in the actual implementation process, but also in their administration.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the most common offerings we are using:

Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Functions, Azure App Services

Data storage
Azure Storage Accounts (File, Blob, Data lake), Azure SQL Server, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, CosmosDB

Azure Active Directory


Developer tools
Azure DevOps


In addition to the Azure offerings, we are proficient in following technologies with proven track record of application in the energy trading domain:

  • Java (Spring), Python (flask, dash), TypeScript (Angular)
  • SQL database technology – Microsoft Server, Postgres, Oracle
  • NoSQL database technology – MongoDB, Cassandra, CosmosDB
  • Kafka, RabbitMQ
  • Docker, Kubernetes

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