Decision support solutions are often a cornerstone of what ROITI delivers to customers. Very roughly speaking, we go through three key steps to design and build a meaningful set of tools and processes.

Diagnostics: Define what the right problem to solve is. Key in our world, as a company we rely on a good understanding of the energy markets to challenge our customers on the problem definition and nail down a clear and meaningful set of outcomes.

Solution Design: Once we have clearly defined outcomes for the users, we delve into the specifics of the inputs: what are they, where they come from, and what processes need to be in place to ensure smooth operations. Next in line are the outputs: again, what are they, how do we ensure reliability, accuracy, and timeliness, and what flexibilities need to be in place for the users to enable digging into details.

Delivery on promise: Verify any built functionality against the underlying data and go back to users to look at what issues appear for them – functionality- and data-wise. Define an operational model to ensure continuity and enhancement capability for the delivered toolkit.

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