Most of our manpower is dedicated to integrating and building solutions for energy traders.

ETRM Software Integration

ETRM systems are a core competency of ROITI and we have built our company around it. We started with Endur and this is where our expertise lies, but we have also worked on multiple other systems like SOPTIM, EnTrader, Aligne. Recently, we have focused also on Molecule and have a small team actively supporting live and in-implementation systems.

Application building and customization

Outside of the ETRM system world, we have developed a team of application developers, who work on building a multitude of solutions in the energy trading IT landscape among which interfaces between landscape components, data series management services, custom toolkits for distinct business cases, etc.

Time Series Management solutions, Reporting solutions, Data governance

Last but not least, our data-focused competencies include data engineering, BI, and data science teams, who work on all aspects of the data lifecycle – from building data feeds to big data handling across systems to reporting data warehouses to analytic and algo tools to utilize the available data in automated decision making.

Optimized solutions for every case

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