We provide our customers with comprehensive Application Management and Operational Support for their ETRM systems, data management, reporting solutions, and trading processes. We make sure their key IT components function as expected by taking care of the applications’ and processes’ housekeeping, issue fixing, and continual operational improvement.

The scope we cover includes but is not limited to:

Incident Management

The Incident Management function is responsible for issue registration and classification, dispatching to higher-level support groups, coordination of the issue resolution process, ticket management, effective communication, and stakeholders’ expectations management. It is the first point of contact for customer’s users to report issues related to their IT systems, tools, and processes; raise requests for functionality modifications and enhancements; seek assistance with system configurations, and open support requests. Incident Management also includes first-level support in providing users with readily available solutions and/or workarounds to known issues.


  • System components and services health check & performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of in- and outbound interfaces and gateways
  • Maintenance of critical business processes, e.g. EoD, reporting, scheduling, etc.
  • Product setup, deal mapping, and deal processing
  • Task/workflow configuration and management
  • Error detection and fixing; first through third-level investigation and issue resolution
  • Test environment management
  • User management

Data Management, Trading Processes, and Reporting Operational Support

  • MDM system health check, system availability, and performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of in- and outbound MDM system interfaces, connected trading processes and services, end-to-end data flow maintenance
  • Error detection and resolution
  • Market data importing & mapping
  • Fixing issues with wrong/missing data; retriggering related processes
  • Feeds configuration and fixing
  • Reporting datasets management; data source and target interfaces monitoring
  • Reporting workflow management; Power BI reports maintenance and support
  • Initial and second-level investigation and issue resolution; coordination with higher-level support

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