Operations and Support

Utilizing our extensive ETRM knowledge and project implementation and management experience, we have been providing our clients with ETRM operations, application, and process support services across their IT landscapes. From Incident Management to 3rd level AMS, we have been taking care of flawless system functioning and process execution. The principle of continuous improvement in Service Management is our guiding light in every effort towards customer value creation. The scope of our services includes but is not limited to Incident Management, ETRM Operations – 1st to 3rd level support in ETRM issue investigation, resolution and fixing- 1st to 3rd level support for risk, Back Office, controlling and financial reporting solutions and tools- 1st to 3rd level support for market data and analytics solutions- 1st and 2nd level support for cluster-based micro-services for various trading processes and optimization algos.

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